Mexican Journalist Wins Political Asylum

I left Mexico after my life was in danger due to the thing that I reported on in Mexico. I worked as a journalist in Morelos and became interested in the connections between organized crime and the local government officials. My reporting led to threats against me and my family. I didn’t plan to apply […]

Hector S.

Aurora, CO

Granted Cancellation of Removal

I am from Mexico and I came illegally to this country a long time ago. I was placed in removal proceedings after a traffic ticket and in court the government attorney said that I was ineligible for Cancellation of Removal because of a problem I had over fifteen years ago in California. My attorney Shawn […]

Gabriel G.

Denver, CO

Case is Ciudad Juarez Reopened After USC Husband Murdered

The attorney Shawn Meade reopened my case after immigration sent me a letter stating that my case had been closed because I no longer had a United States citizen husband. I received that letter just a few days after my United States citizen husband was murdered in Mexico. It was devastating to lose my husband […]

Tania N.

Aurora, CO

Victim of Domestic Violence

I was a vicitm of domestic violence. I had come to the United States illegally to find a better future. After coming to the United States I got married to a person who was very abusive to me and thats why I went to the attorney Shawn Meade to see what options I had. A […]

Claudia C.

Denver, CO

Granted Renewal of V Visa

My brothers and I had seen other attorneys and they all told us that we had to keep waiting for the petition from our father. When we went to the attorney Shawn Meade he showed us a press release from Immigration that said that since we had V visas in the past we could get […]

Araceli M.

Denver, CO

My case was very difficult, I always knew it because I was already in deportation when I contacted the attorney Shawn Meade. He helped me a lot, more than I can say. They wanted to deport me because I had come to the United States unlawfully. I am a single mother and with two young kids I didn't have very many options. After being in court for over two years my final court was coming up and the judge would decide if I could stay or if I had to go to Mexico. Thanks to my attorney Shawn, I got my residence and I can stay in the United States with my children.

I am grateful for my attorney and I like that he is American but is bilingual in Spanish and English. Shawn is a great person and he was very attentive to my case the whole time and everything worked out. Thank you.

Leticia S.

Denver, CO

Granted Lawful Permanent Residence

For me and my family there is not a better attorney than Shawn Meade. He is very clear and explains everything to you. I waited for many years with a petition from my father. We went to Shawn when it was close to time to apply for residence and everything went very smoothly on my […]

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