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We understand that immigration proceedings encompass some of the most important fundamental rights including the ability to support oneself, maintaining families united, and facilitating the true pursuit of happiness.

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Criminal Defense

Responding to criminal charges can be an extremely stressful and difficult time in anyone’s life. MyRights Immigration Law Firm truly understands that a person is innocent until proven guilty. Although the U.S. Constitution establishes a presumption of innocence, it may not feel that way when a person is accused of a crime.

After charges are filed the defendant may come to an agreement with the prosecutor, a plea deal, may go to trial with jury of judge, or the prosecution may be forced to dismiss the case. A non-citizen faces special challenges when accused of a crime as the result of the case may impact that persons immigration status or future immigration options. Usually the immigration consequences are far more important that the actual result of the criminal case.

The attorneys at MyRights Immigration handle criminal cases with the big picture in mind, defending not only to obtain the best result in the criminal court but also focusing on the immigration consequences. Our success marks the difference.

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