Nalini Meade

Office Director

Ms. Meade is the Office Manager at MyRights Immigration Law Firm.  She obtained a Bachelor’s Degree in Marketing and Advertising at Brigham Young University in Utah and then she moved to Colorado where she graduated from the University of Denver with a Master’s Degree in Global Affairs.

Ms. Meade is in charge of managing the Law Firm, she does part of the training and she supervises all of our front desk personnel and Paralegal staff members to ensure office procedures are followed.

Ms. Meade has seen the immigration process first hand as she has navigated through it. She also uses her knowledge and experience in customer service to oversee the satisfaction of our clients at MyRights Immigration Law Firm.

Together with attorney Shawn Meade, they have been able to create a place where results, process, customer service and the outreach to the community are all equally important. She is an essential part of the law firm.

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