Wins Waiver to Prevent Deportation

Wins Waiver to Prevent Deportation

I made a simple mistake when I was getting my lawful permanent residence, but years later the government accused me of committing fraud. I had another attorney but things seemed to be getting all messed up and eventually I switched attorneys and hired Shawn Meade and MyRights Immigraiton.

At the first hearing Shawn went to he was able to get things cleared up and figure out exactly what I needed to do to keep my residence. The judge even said, “Well were glad to have you on the case now Mr. Meade.”

At the final hearing the judge was going to decide whether I could stay in the United States as a lawful permanent resident or whether I would have to leave my husband and children. I was so happy with Shawn’s work at the final hearing and the way he explained my situation to the judge. At the end I was allowed to keep my residence and stay in this country. I recommend the attorney Shawn Meade and all the attorneys at MyRights Immigration to anyone who needs help in immigration because he puts his whole heart and all his knowledge into his cases and gets the best results possible like in my case.

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