Granted Residence by Immigration Judge

Granted Residence by Immigration Judge

My case was very difficult, I always knew it because I was already in deportation when I contacted the attorney Shawn Meade. He helped me a lot, more than I can say. They wanted to deport me because I had come to the United States unlawfully. I am a single mother and with two young kids I didn’t have very many options. After being in court for over two years my final court was coming up and the judge would decide if I could stay or if I had to go to Mexico. Thanks to my attorney Shawn, I got my residence and I can stay in the United States with my children.

I am grateful for my attorney and I like that he is American but is bilingual in Spanish and English. Shawn is a great person and he was very attentive to my case the whole time and everything worked out. Thank you.

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