Granted Residence with Drug Arrest

Granted Residence with Drug Arrest

The attorney Shawn Meade is the most human and sincere attorney I have met. I went to two other attorneys before Shawn and they both told me that I couldn’t get my residence because my record said I had been arrested for a drug crime. Shawn was the first attorney who really listened to the situation and gave me hope in my case.

Although my record said I had been arrested for drugs, really I was only charged with a DUI and nothing about drugs. Shawn explained why there was confusion on my record and developed a plan to show immigration that I didn’t have any record that prevented me from getting my residence. Everything worked fine, and even though the officer initially had his concerns, Shawn was able to show everything how it really was and my residence was approved.

Hiring the attorney Shawn Meade was one of the best decisions of my life. Everything worked out exactly like he said it would from the beginning. Now I am a Lawful Permanent Resident and I can live happily and at peace in this country.

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