Granted Renewal of V Visa

Granted Renewal of V Visa

My brothers and I had seen other attorneys and they all told us that we had to keep waiting for the petition from our father. When we went to the attorney Shawn Meade he showed us a press release from Immigration that said that since we had V visas in the past we could get that status again.

We were hesitant to do the case because no one else had mentioned that change in the law about V visas, but we tried it anyway, trusting Shawn. That was the best decision we have made. After only a few months we all had V visas again and had our work authorizations.

Shawn explains things very clearly from the start and will be very honest about the chances you have in your case. He is very aware of the changes in Immigration and because of that was able to take our case. I am grateful for the work and interest he put in our situation and we are very fortunate to have gone to his office.

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