Granted Lawful Residence After Petitioner Passed Away

Granted Lawful Residence After Petitioner Passed Away

My father petitioned for me many years ago. While I was waiting I got married and then my father passed away. I hired three other attorneys to help me with my case but not one of them got results. I lost a lot of money and time with the other attorneys.

When I met the attorney Shawn Meade I could feel that he was a good attorney and that he knew what he was talking about. He told me that he could take my case and that he would help me get my residence.

Shawn filed the documents and then went to the interview with me. At the interview the Immigration officer didn’t really understand what we were doing and Shawn had to explain the situation to him. After Shawn explained the law to the Immigration officer, the officer said he needed to go check with a supervisor.

When the officer came back he said that my case had a lot of complications but thanks to the explanation that my attorney gave, my residence was going to be approved. It felt great to know that I finally had an attorney who really was ready to fight for my case and was able to help the Immigration officer understand the situation and approve my application.

I don’t know why the other attorneys couldn’t get my case approved but Shawn Meade does understand the law and I am very happy to have hired him.

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