Granted Cancellation of Removal

Granted Cancellation of Removal

Gabriel G TestimonialI am from Mexico and I came illegally to this country a long time ago. I was placed in removal proceedings after a traffic ticket and in court the government attorney said that I was ineligible for Cancellation of Removal because of a problem I had over fifteen years ago in California.

My attorney Shawn Meade took the time and effort to search for the record and then convinced the judge that I was eligible and the judge granted my case. I have the best attorney in the world because he made the impossible possible. I love the confidence that the attorney Shawn has in himself, every time we went to court he would fight for my case until he won it.

I sincerely recommend him because he knows how to act in court and I recommend him because of his honesty to everyone who needs an attorney, he is great! I am very grateful to the people who recommended him to me because without the attorney Shawn Meade I would not be able to live in this country legally with my family.

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