Case is Ciudad Juarez Reopened After USC Husband Murdered

Case is Ciudad Juarez Reopened After USC Husband Murdered

The attorney Shawn Meade reopened my case after immigration sent me a letter stating that my case had been closed because I no longer had a United States citizen husband. I received that letter just a few days after my United States citizen husband was murdered in Mexico.

It was devastating to lose my husband and then to get a letter from immigration saying that my case and my waiver were closed. My mother-in-law in Denver went to talk to Shawn and told him the situation. My family made the decision to hire him while I was in Mexico and I was very lucky because my case was in the hands of a great attorney. Thanks to him now I am back in Denver with my residence and with my son.

I am very grateful with the attorney Shawn Meade. I thought that I couldn’t reopen my case because my application was based on my husband but we kept faith and hope. He is one of the best attorney there is, other attorneys we talked with didn’t know what to do and even gave us advise that didn’t take into account new changes in the law. Shawn knew from the beginning what he would do and it worked.

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