Aulo Lopez

Mexican Journalist Wins Political Asylum

Hector S TestimonialI left Mexico after my life was in danger due to the thing that I reported on in Mexico. I worked as a journalist in Morelos and became interested in the connections between organized crime and the local government officials. My reporting led to threats against me and my family.

I didn’t plan to apply for asylum, and hoped that I would be able to return to my country. However I was put in removal proceedings and right then I knew the only attorney I wanted was Shawn Meade and MyRights Immigration Law Firm. Shawn filed my asylum application and at the final hearing the immigration judge approved my case. I remember that day like it was yesterday.

I became the first Mexican journalist to win asylum in Colorado. Now my entire family is safe here in the United States. Shawn is my attorney and I recommend him for all immigration issues.