Non-Immigrant Visas

Non immigrant visasNon-immigrant visas allow a person to enter the United States for a temporary period of time and are restricted to the activity consistent with the visa. For example, a person coming to study in the United States would obtain a student visa (F1) and would be allowed into the United States only for study. Immigrant visas are generally not subject to numerical restrictions.

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The procedure for applying for a non-immigrant visa will vary depending on what specific visa is sought. For example some visas require USCIS to approve a petition on Form I-129 before applying with the consulate. (H, L, O, P, Q, R, and K visas).

Some Types of Non-Immigrant Visas

The following list provides some types of non-immigrant visas, many of these visas allow for dependent with a similar visa, for example a student holding an F1 visa may obtain an F2 visa for his spouse or children. Dependent visas are not included in this list.

A1 – Ambassador, public minister, career diplomat or consular officer

B1 – Temporary visitor for business

B2 – Temporary visitor for pleasure (Tourist)

E1- Treaty trader

E2 – Treaty Investor

F1 – Student in an academic or language program

H1B – Specialty occupation (profession)

H2B – Temporary worker

H2A – Temporary agricultural worker

I – Representative of foreign information media

J1 – Exchange visitor

K1 – Fiancé of U.S. citizen

L1 – Intracompany transferee (executive, managerial)

M1 – Vocational student

O1 – Extraordinary ability in sciences, arts, education, business or athletics

P1 – Internationally recognized athlete or internationally recognized entertainment group

R1 – Religious occupation

T1 – Victim of severe form of trafficking in persons

TN – NAFTA professional

U1 – Victim of criminal activity

V1 – Spouse of lawful permanent resident awaiting immigrant visa

V2 – Child of lawful permanent residence awaiting immigrant visa