Deportation Defense

Deportation Defense (2)Removal proceedings, commonly known as deportation,  is the term used for deportation proceedings brought under INA 237 against a person who has legal status or who entered the United States lawfully and for exclusion proceedings brought under INA 212 against a person who entered the United States unlawfully. The government’s goal is the same either way, to force a person to leave the United States. MyRights Immigration Law Firm has successfully defended thousands of respondent’s faced with deportation and uses all available defenses.

If you or a loved one currently faces removal proceedings, it is essential to find representation by a qualified immigration attorney. MyRights Immigration Law Firm understands that separation from family and friends and often from the only country a person calls home is one of the most extreme forms of punishment that the United States government may impose.

Although the current laws allow deportation in even minor cases, MyRights Immigration Law Firm feels every option should be used to prevent and eliminate the threat of removal.

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Removal proceedings involve two steps: first the immigration judge will determine if the person is removable; second the respondent must file any available applications for relief from removal. Basic human rights and fairness must be respected for all persons involved in removal proceedings. Being placed in removal proceedings does not always mean that a person will be forced to leave the United States.

The attorneys at MyRights Immigration Law Firm can help you determine which defenses may be available and strategize the best defense.

attorney-studyingSome of the potential defenses against removal may include:

  1. Cancellation of Removal under INA 240A(a)
  2. Cancellation of Removal under INA 240A(b)
  3. Adjustment of Status under INA 245
  4. Political Asylum under INA 208(c)
  5. Administrative Closure for Provisional Waiver
  6. Withholding of Removal under INA 241(b)(3)
  7. Withholding of Removal under the Convention Against Torture
  8. Affirmative applications for U visa
  9. Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals
  10. Requests for Prosecutorial Discretion
  11. Requests for Discretion from the Immigration Judge