Gabriel G TestimonialI am from Mexico and I came illegally to this country a long time ago. I was placed in removal proceedings after a traffic ticket and in court the government attorney said that I was ineligible for Cancellation of Removal because of a problem I had over fifteen years ago in California.

My attorney Shawn Meade took the time and effort to search for the record and then convinced the judge that I was eligible and the judge granted my case. I have the best attorney in the world because he made the impossible possible. I love the confidence that the attorney Shawn has in himself, every time we went to court he would fight for my case until he won it.

I sincerely recommend him because he knows how to act in court and I recommend him because of his honesty to everyone who needs an attorney, he is great! I am very grateful to the people who recommended him to me because without the attorney Shawn Meade I would not be able to live in this country legally with my family.

Denver CO 

My case was very difficult, I always knew it because I was already in deportation when I contacted the attorney Shawn Meade. He helped me a lot, more than I can say. They wanted to deport me because I had come to the United States unlawfully. I am a single mother and with two young kids I didn't have very many options. After being in court for over two years my final court was coming up and the judge would decide if I could stay or if I had to go to Mexico. Thanks to my attorney Shawn, I got my residence and I can stay in the United States with my children.

I am grateful for my attorney and I like that he is American but is bilingual in Spanish and English. Shawn is a great person and he was very attentive to my case the whole time and everything worked out. Thank you.

Denver CO 

The attorney Shawn Meade reopened my case after immigration sent me a letter stating that my case had been closed because I no longer had a United States citizen husband. I received that letter just a few days after my United States citizen husband was murdered in Mexico.

It was devastating to lose my husband and then to get a letter from immigration saying that my case and my waiver were closed. My mother-in-law in Denver went to talk to Shawn and told him the situation. My family made the decision to hire him while I was in Mexico and I was very lucky because my case was in the hands of a great attorney. Thanks to him now I am back in Denver with my residence and with my son.

I am very grateful with the attorney Shawn Meade. I thought that I couldn't reopen my case because my application was based on my husband but we kept faith and hope. He is one of the best attorney there is, other attorneys we talked with didn't know what to do and even gave us advise that didn't take into account new changes in the law. Shawn knew from the beginning what he would do and it worked.

Aurora CO 

I made a simple mistake when I was getting my lawful permanent residence, but years later the government accused me of committing fraud. I had another attorney but things seemed to be getting all messed up and eventually I switched attorneys and hired Shawn Meade and MyRights Immigraiton.

At the first hearing Shawn went to he was able to get things cleared up and figure out exactly what I needed to do to keep my residence. The judge even said, “Well were glad to have you on the case now Mr. Meade.”

At the final hearing the judge was going to decide whether I could stay in the United States as a lawful permanent resident or whether I would have to leave my husband and children. I was so happy with Shawn’s work at the final hearing and the way he explained my situation to the judge. At the end I was allowed to keep my residence and stay in this country. I recommend the attorney Shawn Meade and all the attorneys at MyRights Immigration to anyone who needs help in immigration because he puts his whole heart and all his knowledge into his cases and gets the best results possible like in my case.

Thorton CO 

Hector S TestimonialI left Mexico after my life was in danger due to the thing that I reported on in Mexico. I worked as a journalist in Morelos and became interested in the connections between organized crime and the local government officials. My reporting led to threats against me and my family.

I didn't plan to apply for asylum, and hoped that I would be able to return to my country. However I was put in removal proceedings and right then I knew the only attorney I wanted was Shawn Meade and MyRights Immigration Law Firm. Shawn filed my asylum application and at the final hearing the immigration judge approved my case. I remember that day like it was yesterday.

I became the first Mexican journalist to win asylum in Colorado. Now my entire family is safe here in the United States. Shawn is my attorney and I recommend him for all immigration issues.

Aurora CO 

The attorney Shawn Meade is the most human and sincere attorney I have met. I went to two other attorneys before Shawn and they both told me that I couldn’t get my residence because my record said I had been arrested for a drug crime. Shawn was the first attorney who really listened to the situation and gave me hope in my case.

Although my record said I had been arrested for drugs, really I was only charged with a DUI and nothing about drugs. Shawn explained why there was confusion on my record and developed a plan to show immigration that I didn’t have any record that prevented me from getting my residence. Everything worked fine, and even though the officer initially had his concerns, Shawn was able to show everything how it really was and my residence was approved.

Hiring the attorney Shawn Meade was one of the best decisions of my life. Everything worked out exactly like he said it would from the beginning. Now I am a Lawful Permanent Resident and I can live happily and at peace in this country.

My brothers and I had seen other attorneys and they all told us that we had to keep waiting for the petition from our father. When we went to the attorney Shawn Meade he showed us a press release from Immigration that said that since we had V visas in the past we could get that status again.

We were hesitant to do the case because no one else had mentioned that change in the law about V visas, but we tried it anyway, trusting Shawn. That was the best decision we have made. After only a few months we all had V visas again and had our work authorizations.

Shawn explains things very clearly from the start and will be very honest about the chances you have in your case. He is very aware of the changes in Immigration and because of that was able to take our case. I am grateful for the work and interest he put in our situation and we are very fortunate to have gone to his office.

Denver CO 

For me and my family there is not a better attorney than Shawn Meade. He is very clear and explains everything to you. I waited for many years with a petition from my father. We went to Shawn when it was close to time to apply for residence and everything went very smoothly on my case.

Immigration tried to say that I couldn’t get my residence because I had lived with my partner so long but Shawn explained that although we had lived together for many years, we were not married and I could still become a resident.

We are very grateful for his help in our lives, my family and I always recommend attorney Shawn Meade.

My father petitioned for me many years ago. While I was waiting I got married and then my father passed away. I hired three other attorneys to help me with my case but not one of them got results. I lost a lot of money and time with the other attorneys.

When I met the attorney Shawn Meade I could feel that he was a good attorney and that he knew what he was talking about. He told me that he could take my case and that he would help me get my residence.

Shawn filed the documents and then went to the interview with me. At the interview the Immigration officer didn’t really understand what we were doing and Shawn had to explain the situation to him. After Shawn explained the law to the Immigration officer, the officer said he needed to go check with a supervisor.

When the officer came back he said that my case had a lot of complications but thanks to the explanation that my attorney gave, my residence was going to be approved. It felt great to know that I finally had an attorney who really was ready to fight for my case and was able to help the Immigration officer understand the situation and approve my application.

I don’t know why the other attorneys couldn’t get my case approved but Shawn Meade does understand the law and I am very happy to have hired him.

Denver CO 

I was a vicitm of domestic violence. I had come to the United States illegally to find a better future. After coming to the United States I got married to a person who was very abusive to me and thats why I went to the attorney Shawn Meade to see what options I had. A lot of people had recommened him to me so I hired him for my case. Thanks to him now me and all of my children has legal status and we qualify for permanent residence. It is amazing to know that my children and I are now legal hear and all thanks to the hard work of my attorney.

Denver CO